A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There's No Going Back is a simple puzzle platformer where the player cannot move backwards. Instead, they must use the map to get around and collect all of the coins on the level.

The game was programmed for Ludum Dare 34 and placed 81st overall in the Compo category.

Install instructions

EXE Instructions
To use the EXE format, you must have Windows installed. If you have a ZIP archiving program (such as WinRAR or 7ZIP), this will go easier. Simply extract the files to a folder and run the EXE. The EXE is executable from within the ZIP if you would rather not extract the files anywhere.

Source Instructions
To be able to run the source version, you must have Love2D 0.9.2 installed on your computer. Once you have that, you can run it by double clicking the .love file.


Compiled Executable 15 MB
Source Code (Love2D Required) 11 MB


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Cool game.
Although there seem to be some levels much more difficult or complicated than the others. If I remember correctly, 1 was easy, 2-4 were harder, and 5 and 6 were really easy again.
Although I think that this incosistency is based on the fact that the later level might have been made right before the deadline, so they became more basic than expected.

but still quite a funny game that entertained me for the last 30 minutes. :-)